How to copy Walter Bulls signals automatically and get profit doing nothing?

Hello, guys. There I’ll publish the instruction how to subscribe to my signals at Coinmatics platform.

You ask me in DM really often why I decided to publish my strategy at this service. Fellows, I tested many services and spent so much time while exploring. Now I have been using Coinmatics for more than 689 days already and for me it’s quite user-friendly and easy in use (I want to admit that this is totally my subjective opinion). Btw, this is a crypto social trading platform, where you can copy professional traders automatically.

For those who say that creating Telegram channel is better for sharing signals than using special platforms:

  1. I want to allow my subscribers to copy my deal automatically (it’s impossible using Telegram).
  2. I don’t want to deal with payments from subscriptions: the service maintains all these processes (I just receive all my revenues in 1 click from my internal Coinmatics account).

As I said, I am here to get subscribers, so I am sure that you as an investor will catch the point 👌

Coinmatics allows 2 types of copy trading: manual (when you subscribe to my telegram signals and manually repeat my trades, my cost is $3 per 30 days) and automatic (when my deals are copied automatically by the system, now there is no copy trading cost — I want to attract the users and see whether I am popular).

That’s my trading strategy.

How to subscribe?

  1. Register at Coinmatics and go to your personal account.
  2. Then go to your profile settings and add your Binance exchange account by connecting API key (“Accounts”— ”Add Account”). Don’t forget to put minimum $150 USDT at Binance, otherwise the system will not allow you to subscribe to automatic copy trading.
Hope, Coinmatics is not angry as I stole their tutorials, OMG, I PR their platform, so it’s a win-win deal ;)

3. After adding your exchange account (which should be strictly dedicated to social trading), go to the Copy Trading tab and find my strategy Walter Bulls.

You can subscribe on my Telegram signals and trade manually or click Start copying strategy and start automatic copying of my trading strategy.

If you choose paid Telegram signals, you’ll need to deposit some funds on your Coinmatics account. The instruction is there. One more tutorial stolen ;)

Then check “My Subscriptions” section in the “Copy Trading” tab. In the “Success Rate” column you can track how many transactions were copied, as well as the success rate.

Good luck! Comment if there are some questions left!

#Crypto Trader with 5 years of trading experience